Jangama Meditation Course – Now held online

The course is for people of any level of experience with meditation, including newcomers. It starts with basic principles and builds up a solid foundation for you to continue your own practice.

There are weekly meditation events and regular retreats that people can progress onto from the course.

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Weekly Meditation Events – Now held online

We run weekly group meditations for beginners or experienced meditators.
This will help and motivate you with your practice.

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Weekly Meditation Events – In London

Our weekly held events in London (shown below) will return after lockdown has been lifted.

Group meditation every Tuesday in the heart of central London.

Boost your meditation practice with a 30 minute or 60 minute group meditation every Tuesday evening.

Everyone is welcome to come along whether they are a beginner or an experienced meditator. Just come in without booking and sit with like minded people for a silent meditation. You are welcome to attend any part or all of the schedule.

Click for full details of Tuesday evenings or for group meditations on other days.

Saturday retreats are held at various locations in London.

These retreats are wonderful opportunities to get away from the daily worldly duties and spend time in a conducive meditative atmosphere amongst like-minded people. You will find that a retreat will allow you to go deeper in meditation, and help establish a more solid foundation.

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