Meditate under the guidance of an Enlightened Master

After twenty years of dedicated spiritual practice under His Guru’s guidance, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi – affectionately known as Babaji – went into an intense period of meditation known as tapas. This lasted five years, sitting for twenty hours a day in which the mind is kept in complete stillness, until Babaji emerged a Self Realised Yogi – one who has attained the highest spiritual state of yoga or union with the Supreme Self.

Babaji’s teachings clear misconceptions about spirituality and inspire people to take up sadhana (spiritual practices) seriously. Babaji always reminds us, “Peace is the recommended goal.” Everything we achieve in the world is through the mind and its concentration – but the mind and its cravings are also the basic reason for all unhappiness, fear and stress. Sadhana is the technology for enhancing the health of the mind and the key to attaining inner peace.

Today Babaji travels the world to teach the powerful meditation technique He used to attain the permanent peace and happiness of Self Realisation. He advocates no religious doctrine, and His guidance is given as a friend and deepens whatever spiritual practice or commitment we wish to pursue. Through His wisdom, humour and deep silence Babaji conveys the highest spiritual truths in simple language, drawing on His own, direct experience.

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To help people maintain and develop their practice Shri Babaji’s organisation runs meditation classes and events in the UK throughout the year. Several books have also been produced that preserve and present Babaji’s highest teachings to enable further study and understanding.