Jangama Meditation Course

The course is for people of any level of experience with meditation, including newcomers. It starts with basic principles and builds up a solid foundation for you to continue your own practice.

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Weekly Meditation Events

Group meditation sessions are held every Tuesday in the heart of central London.

Boost your meditation practice with a 30 minute or 60 minute group meditation every Tuesday evening.

Everyone is welcome to come along whether they are a beginner or an experienced meditator. Just come in without booking and sit with like minded people for a silent meditation. You are welcome to attend any part or all of the schedule.

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Every Saturday retreats are held at various locations in London.

These retreats are wonderful opportunities to get away from the daily worldly duties and spend time in a conducive meditative atmosphere amongst like-minded people. You will find that a retreat will allow you to go deeper in meditation, and help establish a more solid foundation.

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Meditate under the guidance of an Enlightened Master

After twenty years of dedicated spiritual practice under His Guru's guidance, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi - affectionately known as Babaji - went into an intense period of meditation known as tapas. This lasted five years, sitting for twenty hours a day in which the mind is kept in complete stillness, until Babaji emerged a Self Realised Yogi - one who has attained the highest spiritual state of yoga or union with the Supreme Self.

Babaji's teachings clear misconceptions about spirituality and inspire people to take up sadhana (spiritual practices) seriously. Babaji always reminds us, "Peace is the recommended goal." Everything we achieve in the world is through the mind and its concentration - but the mind and its cravings are also the basic reason for all unhappiness, fear and stress. Sadhana is the technology for enhancing the health of the mind and the key to attaining inner peace.

Today Babaji travels the world to teach the powerful meditation technique He used to attain the permanent peace and happiness of Self Realisation. He advocates no religious doctrine, and His guidance is given as a friend and deepens whatever spiritual practice or commitment we wish to pursue. Through His wisdom, humour and deep silence Babaji conveys the highest spiritual truths in simple language, drawing on His own, direct experience.

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To help people maintain and develop their practice Shri Babaji's organization runs meditations and events in the UK throughout the year. New books have also been produced that preserve and present Babaji's highest teachings to enable further study and understanding.

The enlightening words contained in The Path Supreme are from transcribed talks with Babaji in the Dehradun Ashram, home of His tapas. They have been carefully complied into a sequence of chapters that take the reader from the basic spiritual principles and practices to the highest spiritual truths. This book clarifies many misconceptions about spiritual practice, and not only guides and inspires but will be a valuable source of reference for years to come.

The Guru Geeta is an ancient scripture in which the highest philosophy of non-duality (Advaita – the unified oneness of the supreme consciousness) comes as a teaching from a true Guru to a sincere, dedicated, spiritually-seeking disciple. Babaji has named this commentary Guru Charanambujam as a mark of respect. On the rarest of occasions, a genuine Guru and a dedicated disciple meet, as happened when Babaji met His Guru, Shri Shivabalayogi. Babaji uses His experience of this special teaching method, gained over so many years, to enable the reader to identify and begin to understand the relationship between the Guru and disciple. These highest teachings are subtle and are carefully explained to allow a full understanding of the true Guru-disciple relationship.

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Shri Babaji App

Download the Shri Babaji meditation app and timer to support your mediation practice. This app provides guidance, motivation and inspiration to seriously take up meditation for health and well-being.

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For more information

Please get in touch with us if you would like any information about meditation events held regularly through the year.


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